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Long life to the king?

The off-road season has made us think, and we exctract several conclusions that should be taken into account for the coming year. One of them, without a doubt, is that the show is still guaranteed. Another one might be that level is still very high. In this sense, you can make a verdict about all the championships; in almost all disciplines there is a tyrant who continues exercising his hegemony with impunity. However, as we pointed out long ago, a new batch of promising pilots is coming, and will surely have something to say soon, if they haven’t already done so.

We can find the best example in motocross. There, Tim Gajser has been the winner with only 19 years, thus breaking a period of uninterrupted success by Antonio Cairoli. It hasn’t been easy, as the Italian legend has finished second, but undoubtedly is news to highlight. This first surprise is a warning: the new generations will not make it easy.

In trial, Toni Bou is still master and lord, and only Adam Raga seems to be able to discuss him some victory punctually. Despite this, Jaime Busto or Jorge Casales are squeezing hard and the pilot of Piera knows is aware that he can’t lower his guard. In enduro, Matt Phillips ended up taking an EnduroGP title very even to the end, as Eero Remes had options to be champion and Steve Holcombe had a delicious season. This is a new warning that may eventually become punishment in the coming season. Finally, the supermotard also doesn’t avoid the threat of youth. Marc-Reiner Schmidt has been the only one who has put in trouble the five-time champion Thomas Chareyre. The German had options to take the championship in the last test, but finally the experience of the Frenchman prevailed and left that attempt in, again, a warning that will have to consider ahead of the 2017.

No doubt, no one discusses the power of off-road kings, but 2016 leaves them something -besides the titles- they shouldn’t ignore. Otherwise, the young pilots could relieve them from the throne much sooner than we all could expect.

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