The minder: the unsung hero

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The minder: the unsung hero

“Not all heroes wear layer”. How many times have we heard that phrase? Well, in off-road world this statement is perfectly applicable. Because minders are the right hand of the pilots, the most trusted men of the people we admire. It is as difficult to conceive a rider without a bike as without a minder. That is why we want to pay tribute to these unsung heroes.

What is the role of a minder? It is one of the first questions that may come to mind when we attend a Grand Prix and see a person ‘bothering’ all the time our favorite rider. But every word from that person is crucial for pilot. A minder studies the areas the way you have to overcome the dangers it hides… They leave nothing to chance. That is why their role seems important for the future of a rider in a race. Trust must be total. In addition, they control pilot time in the area and are close to him, if in some cases he ends up falling. His role, therefore, is more than a bodyguard. Knowledge of the circuit must be almost greater than the rider’s.

It is true that in each discipline the minder has to adapt to regulations. For example, in trial the role of the minder is easier than in the enduro, which also is of paramount importance, but is limited by the conditions of the category. In any case, they are always there. So the next time you go to an off-road test to see your favorite pilot, do not forget that behind every great driver there is a great minder.

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