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New hydraulic clutch system

The Braktec hydraulic clutch is currently the best aftermarket alternative to the traditional mechanical clutch system. What makes it work is the additional of a bolt-on hydraulic actuator.  The addition of hydraulic actuator guarantees greater modulation capability as well as automatically compensating for cable stretch and clutch plate wear.  Most importantly, riders will realize a reduction of 20% in the necessary actuation force at the lever with the system.

As opposed to the conventional cable mechanisms, where the force is transmitted via a mechanical cable, the BRAKTEC system uses the many advantages of movement transmission with hydraulic pressure.  When actuating the lever, the piston located inside the master cylinder displaces the fluid volume necessary to move the secondary piston located inside of the slave. Attached to this slave piston there is a cable that is in charge of actuating the clutch release lever. In other words, the slave transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

It is worth pointing out that in conventional cable systems, the loss of performance during the life cycle can be up to 50%, compared to 10% on a BRAKTEC hydraulic system, so together with all the benefits mentioned above, makes this product a perfect and reliable choice for OFF-ROAD fans.


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