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New Trial EVO17 caliper: the best can still evolve

Braktec has introduced the EVO17. Lighter and stronger, Braktec’s new Monoblock CNC caliper is already showing its quality with several bikes on the podium of the current Trial World Championship.

With greater structural rigidity, it is made of more resistant aluminum alloy than its predecessor and has new lightened pistons. The EVO 17, as its name suggests, is an evolution of the caliper that for 5 years has dominated the Trial World Championship. Undoubtedly, it seeks to offer greater durability thanks to a powerful design, with aesthetic finishes well cared for. Its “Racing” style conveys an image of goldsmith’s art.

In addition, his quality has already been expressed: he climbed to the podium of the first two World Cup events -Camprodon and Motegi-, by the hand of Adam Raga and Albert Cabestany.

The new caliper provides a greater capacity of retention of the motorcycle in standing, besides a recession and accuracy not previously known in the Trial. For its development, the R & D department has worked side by side with the main manufacturers of Trial and with the high competition teams, in order to obtain a singular caliper hardly imitable in both short and consumer series.


The caliper is just one element of the new Evo17 Trial Kit, much more sensitive to the touch and that exerts all the pressure on the caliper with maximum smoothness precision.
The R & D department of J.Juan Group – to which Braktec belongs – has contributed with its experience in the high speed competition and with the high quality of its products present in the big brands to develop a very special and specific new caliper.

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