Which are the protectors that always wear the off-road riders?

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Which are the protectors that always wear the off-road riders?

Being an off-road rider is not easy. Although it is one of the sports where people discharges more adrenaline and even where there is more excitement, speed and height are factors that also count. Of course, you can enjoy, but any cluelessness can cause a high-risk fall. So to be an off-road driver you need to have strength and technique but also security. What are the most well-known protectors? We show you.

Although every off-road discipline has particularities, there are some essential products for almost any category. A good example might be the knee protector, which protects our legs from burns and reduce the impact of heavy blows. Another common product are the elbow pads, which have exactly the same function as the knee protectors, but with upper extremities. Also, off-road gloves are very typical, which protect our palms against a possible fall. For the trunk there are back protectors, but we have protecting vests too, which covers our dorsal and our chest so it is more complete. The boots are also important because they are usually made by a solid membrane that absorbs shock. And finally, the most indispensable to run: a good helmet. We do not even have to mention the importance of this accessory, which is absolutely essential for any type of motor activity.

But there are also particular elements of each section. For example, in motocross there are shoulder pads. A heavy fall can break us our collarbone according to the position in which we impact against the floor. Although this product has been displaced by the integral breastplate, it is true that is more general and is also used for other disciplines such as enduro, but that is characteristic of motocross. Wearing this we will look like a superhero dressed in his armor, but we also can make our sport in complete safety.

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