Sandra Gómez: ”Participate in the XGames was a dream, winning 3 medals was even more”

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Sandra Gómez: ”Participate in the XGames was a dream, winning 3 medals was even more”

A rider, a passion, two disciplines, two teams and countless awards. We are fortunate to interview the pilot Trial and Enduro Sandra Gomez. In Trial competes for Gas Gas Enduro while for Husqvarna. Currently he dispute the World Championship and Trial Spain, and the World and XGames of Superenduro. Triple medalist XGames, third world Superenduro and Trial. Winner of three years of world nations trial and trial champion Spain. It seems impossible to believe, or at least, to summarize in a few lines. So we have wanted to know more deeply.

How did you get started in the Trial, by family tradition?

Yes, my father has always ridden on a motorcycle and bike trial and it was he whom we mess my brother and me …

What do you like about this sport?

I do not know, I’m happy when I do. I love to beat myself every day training and sting me with my friends. I am also a person who loves to travel and learn about other customs. And above all I am very competitive, I like very much to compete, the world of racing, stress, life padock.

Do you have difficulties to combine your studies with sport? 

I have many difficulties because you both time-consuming. For now the priority is sport and studies I take them as a hobby, but a career of Physiotherapy is very hard, I like and go slowly.

At what point in your life you decide you want to fully dedicate?

From small travel a lot and you start to compete in European or world even when everything is a game, then there are moments that make the difference. The most decisive for me was when I had to not enter or college. I had to think if he continued with the sport or studying, because actually both 100% can not be done. I finally decided to sport and I’m pulling out studies without haste, but it was a difficult time, also because both liked.

You are very young. What do you think you need to improve?

Many things! That’s why I train every day, if you do not think you need to improve, it’s a mistake.

Your unexpected medal at the X Games was a turning point in your career?

Yes. The medal in Barcelona and the following month the Munich opened the doors of Superenduro. I already liked it before running, always followed him on the internet and my brother had gone to Los Angeles last year. The truth was an absolute dream run just because the XGames, imagine having three medals.

Have you improved to overcome your third place in the world of trial?

If I’m sure. Every year all we are in the world improve, but if you do it right the homework that day and leaves you all as you will be trained to mark the difference. Last year with the injury was unlucky, this year for sure that all goes well.

You has been called the new Laia Sanz, is an added pressure?

It would be an honor, everyone would do what she has done, but there is only one Laia. I think no one will match their numbers. I prefer to think that I’m Sandra, with my own palm and my own challenges, though one seems to Laia.

What led you to get started in the enduro?

I’ve always had motocross bike because my uncle’s what I did, and I picked up the bike some days in winter but never competed. I really knew the enduro and I caught the bug when my brother left the trial.

Psychologically ¿what means facing two disciplines, have two teams etc?

Well, I’m competing in two ways if you ask me which I prefer not know answer, then I’m happy to keep both at the highest level. Psychologically I not mean me any headache at the moment. When I get on the bike trial Gasgas and I think when I get in I think enduro Husqvarna. Since I enduro two teams and I have two modes do for now I’m happy as I am. In the coaches, both complement me, now I bike more hours than ever and when more’m enjoying it. When only to trial many days ended burned each day do the same.

You have learned a lot from your brother?

Very much. Sport and life, for that is the older brother lol. Alfre bike riding is a great teacher, knows how to teach well. I like to come to my workouts and races as you can and be part of the team because it is often who knows how to do my best on the bike. We both know that the other is capable.

You finally you charge the award Superenduro world champion?

No, that rule was changed in December although no we reported … When I was interviewed and I said, in no time I thought I were to charge since it is a rule in the FIM, but wanted it to look a little state a female driver in the sport, in this case motorcycling. Now I’m world champion Superenduro and champion of America Endurocross, have won three medals XGames, won championships in Spain Trial, I have been third World Trial, … and I inevitably look and look at my brother, his record is similar and the only difference is that it can live, and I try to survive with it.

What has to change so that women’s sport is respected?

I do not know, I do not think that it is one thing. I like to think that every time we will better, especially because the ficionados are no longer just men. I think it would be nice that federations should not do things like not paying the prize for women, who are more brands implicasen (today not all riders have and if they have no wages). It is difficult, as pilots trained professionally as a man because to win a world you have to spend your whole day on it, but do not charge.

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