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Steve Holcombe, more than an entertaining rider?

He came into the enduro world championship in 2015. Then, almost nobody knew the name of Steve Holcombe. However, this 22-year-old British rider would quickly make many headlines. A third place in his ‘rookie’ year in the Junior category looked like a good start. Of course, what we wouldn’t expected, neither him, is that the following year he would occupy the third place of the master category and would walk E3. Now that everyone knows his name, many see him as the ‘resurrector’ of the British enduro.

Last year he was labeled ‘entertainer’ of the premier class of the Enduro GP. Steve Holcombe, 22, was the driver who most often meddled in the Phillips-Remes bout, eventually surpassing Finn in the final results. But not only that; Holcombe still had options to win the championship in the last race, something which was far from any previous forecast. “In our plans there was the possibility of getting one or two victories during the season. All this we have done it wasn’t expected”, said Holcombe a few days before sentencing the bronze position in France.

We shouldn’t forget how hard he mastered at E3. There, in his rookie season, he was absolutely intractable, winning 12 out of 16 races and taking Beta to where they had never been before in the enduro world championship: at the top of the final podium.

His feat was a double surprise that makes us wonder if the Briton will continue to be seen as an ‘entertainer’ or as a real alternative already for the coming season. What is clear is that now everyone knows his name: Steve Holcombe.

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