The best testimonials for the new Braktec’s CNC Caliper

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The best testimonials for the new Braktec’s CNC Caliper

Taking advantatge of the 2017 World Championship inauguration in Camprodon, Braktec presented its new Trial Kit EVO17. At the same time, the offroad brand of J.Juan also paid tribute to the riders who are supporting each year the Group to develop its Trial brake systems. For this reason, a new CNC specially customized caliper had been delivered to each of them.


For five years Braktec leads the Trial market with continuous innovations. Five years in which the main brands of motorcycles in this discipline have decided to equip their bikes with Braktec brake systems. This leadership is also due to the teams and riders who lead the World Championship and which, with their demands and solutions, help us to develop always better systems for Trial users.

For this reason, the Director of Braktec, Juan Ceprian, wanted to pay tribute to the riders who make it possible for all Trial users to have the best motorcycle braking technology. He then delivered the new brake kit -caliper and pump- to Toni Bou (HRC-Montesa), Adam Raga (TRS), Albert Cabestany (Sherco), Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo) and Jorge Casales (Beta). A special kit for each of them, where the name and number of each rider is engraved on the same caliper.It should be remembered that Braktec arrived to the Trial market in 2011. Thanks to its quality and the fact that it was a product made by the second European motorcycle brake factory, it is today the leader of the brake systems of this specialty.

Both the control and the accuracy are key and both are based on the precision of the caliper and the transmission of the power that they grant to the precise and exigent pump and hydraulic tubes.

J.Juan, who supplies 90% of the western bikes, provide the know-how needed for Braktec brake systems to become leaders in the Trial market. Braktec, today, is a benchmark in the off-road market. Thus, Trial’s main brands, such as Honda-Montesa, Gas-Gas, Sherco, Skorpa or Vertigo -among others- equip their standard bikes with Braktec complete brake systems for great user satisfaction.


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