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Toni Bou, the 20 world championships legend

When we try to rate recent exploits, no matter how historical they are, we realise it is not an easy work. When a fact of historical dimensions happens, it is better to resort to praise and let time pass to digest what has actually happened. In the case of Toni Bou, the task is especially complicated. Since 2007 the Honda Montesa pilot has given us no break: has won every world championships that have been held, which have been accumulated to his 15 Trial des Nations, 11 Spanish Trial Championships, 1 European Trial Championshipd and a medal at the Royal Order of Sporting Merit in Spain. He is an unique pilot, who has gone from being a promising rider to an eternal tyrant whose end is unpredictable.

His dominance in the trial is resounding. Today no one doubts his superiority, basically because no one can beat him. Only Adam Raga, another very special runner, has managed to put up a fight about the trial dominance. Since Bou started to win, his superiority over the rest has been increasing. Despite having participated in some championships that have been battled until the last area -usually against Raga-, Bou has ended up as a separate case. Both he and the TRS pilot seem to play in a better league than the other drivers’, in which precisely there is not a shortage level.

Last March, after winning his tenth indoor world championship in a tight way, Toni Bou got injured. The Montesa rider suffered a partial tear of the subscapularis tendon of his right shoulder that caused him to miss the Trial des Nations that Spain reedit even without star. A little later would come the trial ‘outdoor’ world championship and, despite the problems persist, Bou refused resting and chose what he does best: competing. And although his start was not as strong as in other seasons, he ended up conquering it, as he always does. Because besides having an innate gift when it comes to race, in his body inhabits a competitive monster that keeps him hungry after every win. Many might be surfeit of success, but not Toni. He competes. Hence its success, hence the legend of the 20 titles.

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