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Top Ten Riders of Trial History

Toni Bou: He is the best driver of Trial’s history. Because no one has won 18 World Cups, furthermore, making consecutively. Because no one has been so extraordinary both in Outdoor and Indoor, because no one like him has applied techniques bike Trial and because rival has one of the largest in history: the aforementioned Adam Raga . Bou is the most successful rider of history.

-Dougie Lampkin: Son of the first Trial World Champion, Dougie won 7 times World Outdoor Trial, being at that time the only one in history to have achieved many. Also he won five times the title of World Champion Trial Indoor

-Jordi Tarrés: The Catalan is considered one of the best in history because of having achieved 7 World and have applied the techniques of the bike to the bike Trial. Until his retirement in 1997 he created a personal style.

– Adam Raga: Still active, Adam Raga is already considered one of the best ever having won two world championships and four World Indoor, 6 in total. Certainly, until the emergence of Bou in 2006 when he won his first World Cup Raga had everything to be the best pilot ever seen Trial.

– Yrjö Vesterinen: Born in 1952 in Finland, he won 3 world a row (1976-1978). In addition, he won eleven consecutive national championship in Finland.

– Thierry Michaud: The Frenchman was also triple world champion between 1985 and 1988 with the Italian motorcycle Fancic. It is considered as a pilot transition between classical and modern Trial

– Eddy Lejeune: Belgian, born in 1961, he won three consecutive world titles (1982-1984) and was about to get the room. He is considered one of the best not only for his success but to change the design of the Classic Trial and making winning a Honda four-stroke bike.

– Don Smith: Born in the UK in 1937, Don Smith won the first international title Trial of history, the Challenge Henry Groutard up twice, and the second European Championship in 1969.

– Marc Colomer: The Catalan won a World Trials in 1996 and three more Indoor in 1994,1995 and 1996, and five national championships. He competed with several bikes, among which Derbi, Montesa, Gas Gas and Beta, and retired in 2004 with the confidence that you have made history.

– Sammy Miller: With eleven consecutive British Championships and two European Championships Indoor until 1975 there was the World Cup), Miller is one of the best drivers in the history of the Trial. In addition, he successfully performed other disciplines such as speed motorcycling, motocross and enduro.

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