“Usually, the last decision to claim the design of any zone depends on me”

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“Usually, the last decision to claim the design of any zone depends on me”

LAURA RODRÍGUEZ.- Jordi Pascuet is one of the big names of the Spanish Trial. Before as a pilot and now as a zones supervisor for the FIM. We have a talk with him before the Great Britain TrialGP to know details about what his work means.

– Jordi, what does it mean to be zones supervisor?
I carry out with all the tasks related with the supervision of the zones that integrate any GP. I have to check these ones are on a good level and also to take care about the security of the riders. Otherwise, I also check the itinerary followed by the World Championship.

– Are there more people who develop this task?
No, nowadays it’s only me.


– Have you the last word to decide how a zone has to be definitely?
Probably yes, I make the last decision. Anyway, it exists a Race Direction which is integrated by me and two more people that, just in case of doubt, we can decide together the best option.

– Facing a zone, which rules do you follow to decide its final configuration?
I make a decision considering the ground where the zone is. Always having present a complete vision about the general level of the zones.

– Is the main item to design achievable zones or to make riders challenge their skills?
On the first step, the idea is to design zones achievable for all the riders, but also you have to mix these ones with others challenging for top riders, where they can make the difference.

– Usually, how do you plan your job? Do you usually go to the place just days before the race or months before when the organization builds the calendar?
This year I used to travel months before the race to check with the organization of each GP the place where they plan to put the zones. After that, I go to the GP four days before it begins to help to finish the design of the zones.

– Is it difficult to find zones where can compete the three different classes of the World Championship? I mean, zones where you could find easy and more risky ways.
Yes, sometimes to have three different classes competing in the same zones it’s difficult to manage. The point is to be conscious about the different ways to pass and also about the differences among the level of the riders.

– Which is your favorite GP if you think about the zones?
Without any doubt, the Japanese GP. They take a lot of care working on the zones and letting them ready for the race. Even decorating it with flowers! Besides, they are really professional hard workers.


– And before, as a rider, which was your favorite GP?
As a rider I maybe would choose again the Japanese one. Although, I really enjoy also races in Spain, Andorra and Italy.

– When did you decide to start working with the FIM?
It was four years ago. The International Federation gave me a call to offer me the job. I liked the idea they were proposing me and since then we work together.

– Do you enjoy the job?
Yes, a lot. It is true there are difficulties because sometimes you have to mediate between the riders, the FIM and the organization. These situations are not easy. Anyway, on balance, this is a job I enjoy a lot and which allows me to be really closed to the World Championship.

– In addition, you are nowadays doing exhibitions and also managing a school.
Yes, I set a company with Marcel Justribó to offer Trial exhibitions. We just travel by a track with ramps and hurdles to do the Trial events around Spain. Even more, sure, I also manage an off road school in la Seu d’Urgell where we offer classes, journey trips and different activities with the off road bikes.


– Where do you see yourself in a future?
I hope to keep working in Trial.

– It could be said thanks to your job you are always the first one to try and check any Trial GP. What do you think about the level of the riders?
From my point of view, I can say the level of the top riders is really impressive. Truly, they have really high skills managing the bike.

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