We interview Miquel Gelabert after win X-TDN…

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We interview Miquel Gelabert after win X-TDN…

  • Twelfth X-TDN for Spain… ¡How fast it is said! ¿What do you felt when they put the gold on your neck?

It was an amazing experience. Since I was a child, I always dreamed to represent my country here in TDN. This is a place only for the best ones and to be able to be part of them it’s simply wonderful. ¡And we are not talking about winning the title! I could not believe it. I hope this would be the first of many.

  • If you would have to describe this feeling with only one word. Which will you choose?

Happiness… that kind of happiness you would never let it go.

  • After the almost perfect first round. ¿Did you already think about the title?

Toni and me, both rode really well in the first round, but of course we didn’t think about title yet. You can’t win anything if you don’t ride before. The semi final was really easy, but it was not difficult to carry a lot of points as well… even more, our rivals were strong.

  • Second round was quite difficult. Did you imagine the French team so strong?

Yes, France was playing at home. The round was not difficult, but it had a lot of technical points where it was easy to make mistakes. I was wrong in one zone and judges gave me a 5… then, Toni was mistaken in another zone, finishing both the round with 10 points and behind France. I remember we were surprised because French riders made no mistakes during this round.

  • How did you face the big final?

We face the final round more relaxed, due to the higher level of the zones and with the maximum concentration to do it well. Mental and also physically, both of us were ready to exceed the zones and make the difference… We didn’t forgive any zone, while the French did.

  • When just in a moment you can win or lose a title… tension can bother you?

Before start the competition, I was really nervous, always thinking if I deserve to represent this county, which has won so many consecutives titles. However, once I was riding, I forgot everything and I only thought in to ride. Sometimes, if you only think in the title, you can make some mistakes just because you are not focused on what you are doing.

  • What did you remark about Braktec’s brake system behaviour during the race?

For sure Braktec worked really well there, as always! The monoblock caliper never fails, I’m really happy because the performance of the caliper is always the same.

  • And the last one… Which was your stronger skill that made the difference?

I think the key was the calm we kept during the final round. We didn’t make any mistake and we destroyed mentally our rivals.

Images credits: X-Trial / Miquel Gelabert
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