We interview Toni Bou after win X-TDN…

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We interview Toni Bou after win X-TDN…

  • Twelfth X-TDN for Spain… ¡How fast it is said! ¿What do you felt when they put the gold on your neck?

It’s a big satisfaction, to have done a good job, to achieve your goal… Satisfaction after fighting from the beginning to the end… and also to be able to face some problems and solve them to finally win the race.

  • If you would have to describe this feeling with only one word. Which will you choose?

As I said, the word would be immense satisfaction.

  • After the almost perfect first round. ¿Did you already think about the title?

After so many years riding, I have learned you can’t ever say something is done without do it before. And even less when we are talking about X-TDN, with an easy level and where rivals – especially those from France, whom were playing at home- could react at any moment.

  • Second round was quite difficult. Did you imagine the French team so strong?

We did an amazing job during the first round. In the second one, we would want to do it so beautiful that finally we made some mistakes in some zones… it was there when the French team became the leader on the overall… it was missing the final yet…

  • How did you face the big final?

More concentrated than the other rounds. Knowing we could not make any mistake and that we had to move the pressure from us to them, looking they be wrong in some points… and it was what happened.

  • When just in a moment you can win or lose a title… tension can bother you?

Yes, sometimes things don’t happen as you have planned. It’s very important to keep concentrated because any lapse of concentration can make you be mistaken.

  • What did you remark about Braktec’s brake system behaviour during the race?

I’m really happy with the brake’s performance, above all in the indoor zones, which are really tough in some descent areas, where we need to block the brakes and to achieve that the bike doesn’t move at all.

  • And the last one… Which was your stronger skill that made the difference?

Besides the good relation we have, I think probably the previous training we made and also the strategy we chose about how we had to divide the zones between us… I think we were the best there.

Picture credits: HRC Trial / X-Trial
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