Why is Supermotard so important for MotoGP riders?

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Why is Supermotard so important for MotoGP riders?

The Supermoto is a discipline within the world of motor that seduces all kinds of pilots. Although many riders are engaged in it, others use it as a training method to improve their conditions in respective categories. It is certainly a great choice. The Supermoto has received the vast majority of the MotoGP riders, both current ones and past ones. But, why does this tend to happen?

Marc Márquez, Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa … The majority of familiar faces in MotoGP have practiced the Supermoto. Although the large part of them are not professionally engaged in this discipline, they usually practice in many previous Grand Prix weekend occasions. The best drivers are always looking for perfection, and besides a hobbie Supermoto is probably the best method.

But, why? Well, because the Supermoto is another competition within the ‘speed’ in the world of motorcycling, and their machines help pilots improve the ability to control the situation, refine their response to any problems, try to be faster in their reaction (in a sport where speed is so high, you can not leave anything to chance) and of course to improve their movements. Of course obviously so they do for fun. It is a plan of effective and entertaining training, and they love it.

Here you have some videos of MotoGP riders training with a Supermoto!

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